About Us

Just Jigsaws was established in 1973 by John and Jacqueline Trowsdale, John had already been making puzzles since he was 15 years old. Still to this day we are run on the same principles as when formed in 1973, fantastic quality, good service and value for money.

We are a small family company that is now in it's 3rd generation of puzzle makers, we believe learning through play is one of the most important thing in early years, and the children’s development is at the heart of everything we do at Just Jigsaws.

We are the only company left in Britain specialising in making hand cut wooden jigsaws. We are the leading supplier of jigsaw puzzles to the education market in the UK, if you remember playing with a jigsaw at school it was probably made by us. It is our passion to help educate children of all ages and abilities.

All our jigsaw puzzles are hand cut by skilled craftsmen making each one unique with self-correcting pieces. We have a strict quality control process at all stages to ensure we give you the best product possible. The puzzles are durable and provide fun and excitement, enhancing learning and a child’s development.

We also export around 40% of our production all across the globe. People have asked many times how we have done this and it's simple, we take great pride in what we do, we aim to make the perfect product every time and that is why we are still around all these years later.