Why We Don’t Do Raised Puzzles? (A Short Blog)


Why We Don’t Do Raised Puzzles?

Over the years we have been asked this question so many times!

The answer is surprisingly simple there just not very practical for children, hear me out the next time you buy a raised puzzles see what your children do with it, I can almost grantee they will tip it upside down and then put the pieces back it’s really that simple.

The next part you will notice is they will keep, pushing it down, why is this you may ask? Once again the answer is simple they think the pieces doesn’t fit into the space so they keep pushing. So why has this become a popular style of puzzle and that is because the parents thinks it’s perfect and for adults it is, you can pick it up so easily and put it into its space, where a normal type and fit puzzle they will try and pick the pieces out when it’s lying flush in the board which isn’t easy, but when you give your children a tip and fit puzzle they just tip it over and put it back into its space.

The last reason why we don’t make them is more about the manufacturing side of thing is, it’s a lot of waste really you have to throw away the insects to one board and the board away from the one you use the pieces from, it’s not very green at all!