The importance of Imaginative play


Imaginative play

When your children run around the house pretending to be nurses, superheroes, doctors and anything in between, you are developing so many skills without even knowing it. Imaginative play is a fantastic way for your children to learn, grow, develop and is a key factor in mental growth as well.


You can tell your own story


While pretending to be a superhero your children are imagining themselves in that life and creating a new world full of opportunity and excitement. They’ll spend time thinking about what powers they may have or what there secret identity will be. Creative play helps children navigate emotions, identify how things make them feel and explore solutions through play and to top it all off you only need a cardboard box to get them started, we made so many forts with box’s all those years ago.



Teamwork and Social Skills 

When playing in small or big groups, children are learning key skills for when they grow up like sharing and listening, which are very important as they continue to grow. They learn how to be patient and get other people to listen to their ideas and thoughts all though Imaginative play. 

Improving their Speech without even knowing

Alone or in a group, when your children are creating their own worlds of wonder, they are improving their vocabulary without even realising. When expressing their thoughts and their plans for a play session they’re learning how to vocalise what they’re thinking. They communicate that with everyone else and they will do it will great excitement. You can play with them as well and add key words around the topic of play to help their vocabulary grow.

Expression yourself and improve Independence

Through Imaginative play your children can explore, wonder and express their own needs thought, dislike and likes. Children can feel more comfortable and confidant in a play setting and are more likely to talk about what is on there mind or what their frustrations are. Playing in their own little world also allows them to develop lots of independence. Through making their own choices in play and entertaining themselves they’re learning how to have separate lives from their parents. 


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John from Just Jigsaws