Support UK manufacturing 🇬🇧


It is inevitable that the cost of manufacturing in the UK will go up again as a result of energy prices, but now is defiantly NOT the time to about shying away from making in the UK. In fact, it is now is even more important that ever that you stick with UK manufacturing or you will lose it forever.


To abandon UK manufacturers now, when they most need supporting, would mean there'll be less of them left when they're inevitably needed in the future, to supply the next generation with goods, skills and jobs.

In a time when the retail industry is in a state of flux, businesses need to be nimble, flexible and able to react quickly to consumer demands and needs then ever before
, and the flexibility of sourcing locally should not be under-estimated for this reason!

Let's also not forget that sourcing locally leaves a far far lower carbon footprint, and all product and businesses alike are now being scrutinised for their sustainability and ethical practices.

Wouldn't you rather be making your products in a factory that you visit regularly, and where you can see with your own eyes that everything is above board, than flying products over to the UK from a factory you've never been to or seen inside? Also when something goes wrong you can’t just nip down too see why and simple pick up the phone we all know it’s not that simple when dealing with people aboard for all sorts of reasons. 

Let’s not forget the human side of business you get too meet the people and see the pride and passion that goes into everything about the business this is something you simple don’t get from buying from overseas manufacturers and never will.

So too all the small businesses that make in the UK like ourselves who are seeing their cost prices going up right now keep going and don't panic! Now is most certainly not the time to start looking for factories overseas that can make things cheaper for you.

Thank you for reading