Science and nature Range By Just Jigsaws


Science and nature Range By Just Jigsaws

In this range there are 5 beautiful 24 or 80 piece puzzles that come with some true interesting teacher’s notes.

When opening this puzzle you will be pleasantly surprised by the booklet that is included. Inside the booklet there is a list of all of the animals in the Rain Forest puzzle along with a few facts about each animal it’s a sheet that you will just get lots in it’s such a fantasising read. The booklet includes information about an array of different animals including Forest Elephants, Boa Constrictors and Scarlet Macaws


The Rain Forest puzzle a little bit more difficult as it is such a busy puzzle but it is great for any keen puzzler. Even though it is challenging that’s what makes this puzzle so great everyone loves the challenge of something difficult and when you finish that sense of a accomplishment cannot be matched it’s such a fantastic feeling.


One of the most important things about learning, in my opinion, is that your children find learning fun. That’s exactly what’s achieved here by these puzzles.


As it looks like the majority of our children won’t be going back to school until September, these would be a perfect addition to any rainy day cupboard, because, let’s be honest you can never really trust the Great British weather.


We hoped you have enjoyed reading this!


John from Just Jigsaws