Just Jigsaws The Green & Lean Machine


Our sustainability Efforts

Since 1973 we have always dealt with local supplies and manufactures it’s hard to give a time line as we have always been lean and green.

Since 1973
• Always sourced locally
• Always employed local people
• Designs products to the timber sheets to reduce waste
• Used recycled cardboard for cartons
• Used recyclable film
• Made long lasting and durable products
• Bulk buying


We moved more central to our customers which meant reducing our miles for delivery by nearly 50%


The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit, multistakeholder organization established in 1993 that promotes responsible management of the world's forests. It is an example of a market-based certification program used as a transnational environmental policy. Since that day we have always used wood with the FSC stamp


We made the decision to stop using our plastic film which is recycled but comes from aboard to using a leaflet which comes from a few miles up the road, inside our sets to protect the puzzle as best we can. We’ve been ordering 5000 leaflets each year so it has ended up saving around 20kg of plastic yearly.


We order in a bio mass burner for the factory to heat up our units so all the waste we produced could be used as fuel to heat the factory up, this also meant we could get rid of the radiators and stop using the instant heater which weren’t very effective and used up a lot of electricity. This has saved over 11000 litres of waste been throw away into land fill every year and lowered electricity use by 500kWh yearly, not much but it all helps.


We made the decision to print all the warning labels and marks no the actual puzzle instead of using throw away stick labels these type of products are our most popular types of puzzles and has saved over 20000+ labels being thrown away yearly.


We brought a briguecite machine to make some wooden blocks from our paper waste and sawdust to burn which has reduced our waste once more we have estimated it has saved around 3000 litres of waste yearly.



We plan on having new boxes made up that don’t require them to have a plastic film over them which will save a substantial amount of plastic from being used we estimate about over 100kg of plastic will be saved yearly
Along with all this plastic being saved the tunnel itself will not be needed to be turned on which will also save on electricity use as well.
The last saving is in printing and less card being used over all. We estimate we will save over 1600 sheets of SRA2 sized paper which is a vast amount, with the boxes being crash locked it will save a small amount of cardboard being used not a lot but everything helps!
Our plans are to have plain boxes now even though this doesn’t save anything it will mean we will never have to throw away end of line boxes prints ect which in itself will save on anything being thrown away in the future.

In 2022 we installed Solar Panels

Until 1 –
In May we will be having solar panels being installed our average energy consumption is 12,000-14000 kWh and the solar panels at minimum should generate around 5,000-6000 kWh, which is around 40-50% of our yearly electricity consumption

Until 2 –
In May we will be having solar panels being installed our average energy consumption is 54,000-55000 kWh and the solar panels at minimum should generate around 18000-19000 kWh, which is around 30-40% of our yearly electricity consumption

So as you can see this will greatly reduce our consumption of electricity over the year.




In 2023 all of our products will all be FSC as the paper, boxes and timber are all now from FSC suppliers meaning we have now become FSC certified, which is fantastic so every product sold sometime in 2023 will be FSC.  

For the future

To be honest there isn’t much more we can do but thing we are considering are the following.

• Reduce total waste
• More people to walk or bike to work
• Possible introduction of working from home
• Electric Vehicles