Is the Discovery Range the secret gem in the Just Jigsaws range?


Discovery puzzles are great for children that are full of curiosity why you may ask?

Well rather than just rushing, and putting all together like a normal jigsaw puzzle you will notice the animals going up on the side of the puzzle, why is this important?

This can lead to a wide range of topics like what noises the animals make? What’s the name of the animal? Where does it live? This will create a unique bonding experience between the children and parents as they can make the funny sounds together and you might have to look up what the animal is yourself making it a great educational experience all around.

The discovery range is one our best illustrated products as well the imagine is so clean and bright it just makes you want to pick it up and play and as my Grandad always said it has to be nice and colourful. 

This is one you won’t get tired of as it’s more than just a puzzle it’s an experience and you’ll want to put it together time and time again. This jigsaw will for sure become a treasured piece to any collection.


We hoped you have enjoyed reading this!


John from Just Jigsaws