Great British-manufacturing route


What seems like many moons again my Grandparents my Dad and myself where told we would fail if we did not manufacture in China as the world didn't want UK manufacturing anymore, spoiler alert they where wrong!

As we all know there is currently a lot of attention in the media about manufacturing, provenance and treatment of people in the factories which is extremely poor overseas, with all the news stories, exposing pay and the poor conditions of workers coming to light lately. 

As a family business, ensuring are core values of quality, service, integrity and most importantly the safety of our product is paramount. It has been a tough route financially, physically and mentally no doubt! There would have been major cost savings for us by choosing an import route, but UK made has been and will always be right decision for Just Jigsaws as we are a family firm that prides ourselves on quality and you can only get that when you make in house in front of your eyes which can only happen in the UK. We are a small factory but with a big heart and defiantly have something too offer the world of puzzles. Nothing beats making something yourself with pride and passion and that is the true secret to making anything of high quality.

Sometimes people who tried to entice you into a structure of made in China that would see them make any puzzle 'for next to nothing in China' will always catch peoples attention, but you should always chose Made in Britain. Why you ask is simple, high quality, core values, not skipping corners on production and finally you can actually see the process first hand of how it's made without any smoke and mirrors.

Just Jigsaws sits in an industry sector where many of our competitors, some of whom are behemoths with massive manufacture overseas. It's been an interesting moment when you reflect on the pains and pleasures of the Great British-manufacturing route. There's no one size fits all when it comes to manufacturing decisions but there are definitely important considerations to make, not least the impact from the very starting point of the supply chain. Humanity, values and integrity should always go hand in hand with business.